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Olga and Salomon Olga was a nice girl waiting for her one true love to come and sweep her off her feet.Luckily, she had heard about Anastasia and decided to register to find her well-deserved happiness.They have identified the differences between a scam and a misinterpreted situation.

• If after meeting with you, the lady says she is no longer interested. Honestly, would you continue to see someone who doesn’t seem to be your type?

Should you decide to visit other online dating sites as well, you can always keep these tips in mind to stay safe: • Never send money to anyone claiming to be in trouble.

This is the most important rule when it comes to online dating as fraudsters are known to use this exact scheme to scam unsuspecting victims.

Besides the given Anastasia Date scam prevention tips, you can also find out in advance which situations qualify for reimbursement of the credits spent.

You will be refunded the credits you spent while communicating with a lady who: • Requests money for whatever reason – She will also be banned from the website.

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• Misidentifies herself • Misrepresents details in her profile, like (not) having children, never being married, etc.

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