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We believe creative expression is an important aspect of development, and from early primary upwards, students have access to individual instrumental/vocal lessons, ensemble performances, musical theatre, and drama.Read More The comprehensive education ISB provides places students in the best position for a successful young adult life.

Our students have gone on to represent their countries in numerous sports, from track and field to basketball, and two of our students have gone on to Swim in the Olympics.Read More ISB provides a multitude of opportunities to nurture creative and performance arts, providing a platform for expression.ISB places great emphasis on arts and culture, and is determined to provide the conditions needed for children to unlock their talents.In 1369, the Sulus attacked Po-ni, looting it of treasure and gold.A fleet from Majapahit succeeded in driving away the Sulus, but Po-ni was left weaker after the attack.

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The ISB experience places the student at the center of a family-like environment where every child is propelled to achieve their potential.