Airport dating

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Airport dating

Users log in to the app using their flight details or airport, and are then shown a list of other users who are in the same airport or even on the same flight.While the app claims to be aimed a business people or people want to make friends, it could lead to more romantic meet-ups and become more of a dating app.

I might as well dispense with the romance, wistfulness and class of it all and see what's out there. Air Dates launched its "public beta" last year and has about 10,000 users, so my prospects might be slim to begin with.

But they make up for that by having more restaurants and bars.

And when travelers have a lot of time to drink and meet, anything can happen.

The organizers of the survey point out that it draws an interesting international crowd as the largest gateway between the USA and Latin America. Survey respondents said they had some of the longest delays at this airport.

Not surprising given how congested New York City airspace is.

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On the North Miami-based Meet At The, travelers can find other people who want to grab a drink or coffee during a long wait or layover at an airport.

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