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Advice dating parent teen 20

You can also live with a former stepparent—like your father's ex-wife or the paternal grandparents of your child (but this does not include living with the child's father if you are unmarried).Your relatives do not have to get legal guardianship.The worker is supposed to help you find a program and help you get day care and pay for transportation costs to school and day care.But, you cannot be sanctioned if you are not in school because of lack of child care or because of domestic or teen dating violence (like where your current or former boyfriend is stalking or has threatened you). You can have good cause for absences due to lack of transportation or child care, bad weather, a health problem, an emergency or crisis you need to attend to.

Unless you have graduated, if you are under 20 you must be in high school, middle or elementary school OR a in a full-time GED (high school equivalency) program of at least 20 hours per week.

If your TAFDC is being cut, you have a the right to an advance written notice.

If you ask for a hearing within 10 days of the date of notice, your benefits should continue during the appeal.

You have a right to see your TAFDC case record, including school attendance records and/or reports from the DSS contracted teen specialist.

You have the right to make copies of any documents in your file, to ask questions of DTA worker or the teen specialist at the hearing and to bring a friend or advocate to assist you.

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Teens who are 17 years old and cannot live with your parents can request a special "waiver" to live on their own if: a) in a good living situation, b) in school full-time in good standing, c) have stable child care and d) are participating in a teen parenting program.

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