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20 years old dating a 14 year old

Though the Samarian and Masoretic texts are much closer, they still have a few differences.See table 3.8 Using data from table 2 (excluding the Septuagint calculations and including Jones and Ussher), the average date of the creation of the earth is 4045 B. This still yields an average of about 6,000 years for the age of the earth.If we add up the dates from Adam to Abraham, we get about 2,000 years, using the Masoretic Hebrew text of Genesis 5 and 11.3 Whether Christian or secular, most scholars would agree that Abraham lived about 2,000 B. Quite a few people have done this calculation using the Masoretic text (which is what most English translations are based on) and with careful attention to the biblical details, they have arrived at the same time frame of about 6,000 years, or about 4000 B. Two of the most popular, and perhaps best, are a recent work by Dr. The first four in table 2 (bolded) are calculated from the Septuagint, which gives ages for the patriarchs’ firstborn much higher than the Masoretic text or the Samarian Pentateuch (a version of the Old Testament from the Jews in Samaria just before Christ).Floyd Jones4 and a much earlier book by Archbishop James Ussher5 (1581–1656). The misconception exists that Ussher and Jones were the only ones to arrive at a date of 4000 B. Jones6 lists several chronologists who have undertaken the task of calculating the age of the earth based on the Bible, and their calculations range from 5501 to 3836 B. Because of this, the Septuagint adds in extra time.He has faced numerous allegations of being involved with underage girls and his reputation has long overshadowed his career achievements. Kelly is not worried about what people have to say with reports the 49-year-old singer is dating a woman 30 years his junior.

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