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If you want to use parental benefit at the same time, there are certain restrictions. If you are employed, the parental benefit basis is normally calculated on the basis of your income at the start of the leave.Please use the parental benefit calculator to calculate how much you will receive in parental benefit payments.If the delivery takes place for example one week before due date, you'll not get this week back later in the parental benefit period.If the delivery takes place after the due date, these days will be subtracted from the shared period.However, your last employment must be/have been in Norway when you start your parental benefit period.

It's only the first 12 or 15 weeks (depending your degree of coverage) of the total Parental benefit period that entitles you to holiday pay from NAV (text in norwegian).If you take unpaid leave for more than 14 days, this may affect your rights to sickness benefit and attendance allowance.In the event of multiple births or adopting several children at the same time, the parental benefit period is extended by five weeks per additional child if you have chosen 100 percent coverage.The mother may choose to start drawing parental benefits up to 12 weeks before her due date.In these cases, this will be subtracted from the shared period.

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