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Watch out for budget airlines Allegiant, Frontier, and Spirit, which collect fees even for carry-ons.A new class of fare on United also limits free baggage to one personal item.Disney World now allows outside food, and Disney cruises permit up to two bottles of wine or six beers in a carry-on (although the dining room corkage fee is ).Negotiating makes sense more often than you might expect.The time commitment and cleanup are not for everyone, so start with a cheap juicer and upgrade if juicing turns into an ongoing thing.Netting a discount can be as easy as typing the retailer's name and "coupon codes" into a search engine.For a high credit score, don't spend a large part of each card's available credit limit.The utilization rate -- the percentage of a credit limit that's being used -- is an important credit-scoring factor, and lower is better in the eyes of credit scoring agencies.

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Another option: Take out a personal loan with a lower interest rate than the credit cards and use it to pay down the debt.

Instead of buying bottled juices or doing a pricey, prepackaged cleanse, use a home juicer.

With market information in hand, go straight to the manager at a rental car agency or hotel and try to wrangle a deal. Try getting more value with an upgrade or fee waiver.

Smart thermostats can be real money savers -- they learn residents' preferences and can be controlled from afar -- but even a cheap programmable thermostat set at a reasonable temperature can save 0 a year on average, according to the federal government's Energy Star program.

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Libraries do more than offer free books; they rent movies and ebooks inexpensively and host classes of all sorts, among other services.